Tuna characteristic

    Tuna are ocean fishes from the family Scombridae, of the genus Thunnus and tuna like species include but not limited to swordfish and marlin.

    Tuna and tuna-like species have been considered as one of the three recommended fish species for high nutrition and health, along with salmon and sardines. In addition tuna and tuna-like species are natural source of DHA, a form of omega-3 fatty acid that has been associated with brain development and other health benefits, they are also used in the production of health supplements.

    Our Company operates in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, exclusively employ the longline fishing method in fishing operations. The fish that we catch and sell comprise premium tuna and tuna-like species, common tuna and others. We focus on catching premium tuna for use in sashimi and has a significantly higher sales price than common tuna.