Fleet overview

    As at 30 March 2018, we are the outstanding ultra-low temperature longline tuna fishing company in the PRC in terms of number of self-owned vessels, according to Frost & Sullivan.  Since January in 2015, Dalian Ocean Fishing has become the outstanding one in terms of number of self-owned vessels after purchasing other seven vessels.

    Our Company’s fleet includes a modern, technologically advanced fleet of 33 longline tuna fishing vessels. These 33 vessels are capable of operating at remote fishing grounds over an extended period of two to three years without the need to call at seaports. All these fishing vessels utilize ultra-low temperature freezers capable of maintaining temperatures of minus 55 degrees Celsius or lower to maintain the freshness of the tuna for extended periods of time. In addition, preliminary tuna processing activities can be conducted directly on each fishing vessel. All these fishing vessels are equipped with facilities for monitoring ocean water temperature, current movements and other environmental factors relevant to tuna migration and are also equipped with highly sophisticated fish finding technology to identify the size, the location and density of fishing schools, allowing the vessels to optimize the catch volume and value.