Chairman message

    There is a legend that human beings are from ocean which breeds the beauty of this wonderful earth from the ancient time. Not only the ocean is an invaluable asset to human beings, but also it brings us together. Here, I invite you to voyage with Dalian Ocean Fishing Company Limited.

    We are dedicated to producing premium tuna since our Company was incorporated. In 21st century, coping with resources shortage and environment pollution, human beings have started getting back to the nature for solutions. Dalian Ocean Fishing is devoted to scientific studies of longline tuna fishing technologies for over a decade. We make every attempt in investigating ultra-low temperature frozen and refrigeration technology. We are committed to bring you the freshest fishes which come across from thousands of miles of non-polluted oceans and hence offering the high-protein tuna for your health.

    Going forward, we will continue to leverage our extensive experience, know-how and technologies in carrying out our research and development strategy, continue to develop and recruit highly-qualified captains and crew, which aims to achieve operational improvements and cost reductions. Besides, our Company expands our fleet through acquisitions of fishing vessels to further consolidate our industry leadership position. For the premium tuna and tuna-like species demand rising star, Chinese market, we believe our existing sales presence positions us well. But we will further strengthen our brand image in the PRC and enhance our existing sales personnel. In the longer run, we may also invest in downstream business activities to maximize the value of our tuna.

    Let's sail away together, listen to the deep blue colored thundering waves, watch the deep blue colored passion take fire, taste the luxury deep blue colored dining and uphold the deep blue. The ocean feels like one with the world, I sincerely invite you to join us, sail together through thick and thin.